Each 1.4L SmartDose™ creates up to 25 - 32 oz. spray bottles. Removes tough soap scum and restroom grime. Multi-surface— can be used on bathroom fixtures, tile, chrome, fiberglass, baked enamel, porcelain, vinyl, and stainless steel. Can be dispensed from any location. 1 - 1.4L SmartDose™ with two empty spray bottles.
Diversey SKU
Dilution ratio
1:13 and 1:16
Case bar code
Gross Weight
Fast cleaning means labor savings
Streak-free drying
Easy to use - Simply spray onto cloth and wipe or spray product directly on surface to be cleaned
Multi-use - Can be used to clean showers, doors, porcelain, countertops, sinks and more
Each 1.4L SmartDose bottle yields up to 25 - 32 oz./946 mL spray bottles.
Bathroom fixtures, tiles, shower doors, glazed ceramic tile, stainless steel, chrome, fiberglass tubs, shower surround, sinks, vinyl, plastics, glazed porcelain and any other washable surface
Do not use on natural wood or marble
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